Competition Power Magazine: April 2018 Edition is Now Available on Amazon Kindle

Dear students, we are pleased to announce that our monthly magazine Competition Power's Latest April 2018 Edition that focuses all the Banking, SSC and other Competitive Examinations is now on Kindle as well. We received a huge demand for the magazine to be available on a few more platforms apart from the current ones and came up with this good news for all the Kindle users. We all know that the online learning is very popular these days and Kindle is one of the most popular platforms for online reading, that has simplified the learning system by making it more convenient.

We would like to add that the Kindle version of the magazine facilitates you all with the special features that you will find nowhere else. It lets you enable the text to speech facility or say the read-aloud feature that reads the whole magazine for you with one tap. Also, it lets you find the meaning of the word that you are not able to comprehend while reading through the lines. One can easily translate the text into any other language which she finds herself comfortable with. Not only that, it also allows you to highlight, bookmark or make notes of all the important points that you feel, are essential for you. 

Special Features of the "Competition Power Magazine":

  • Covers General Knowledge and Current Affairs portion in an exhaustive manner.
  • Contains “Twisted Ones” which will have questions with a high difficulty level.
  • Latest format mock papers for the upcoming exams.
  • Useful study/strategy related articles, motivational articles, and other important articles based on the new changes introduced in the exam pattern, etc.
  • Success stories and Interview experiences of the candidates who appeared in the previous examinations. 
  • Handy notes on specific topics and important quizzes based on the latest pattern.

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