SSC CGL Tier II 2017 (10 Mock Test Booklets)

The examination pattern of SSC Exams remains more or less the same with continuous repetition of questions. So, we can conjecture that the more you practice the better you get when it comes to SSC CGL Examination. This set of mock test booklets is solely based on the pattern that SSC has been following for the past 5 years to prepare different sets of papers every year. So, Adda247, on the popular demand of our SSC aspirants, brings to you all an exclusive package of Mock-Test Booklets for SSC CGL Tier II Examination 2017.

What's important to you in your preparations for competitive examinations? What knowledge have you acquired through all these months since you have been preparing for these examinations? You need to empower yourself, be a real eager beaver and fling yourself into your preparations to make a go of it. While testing oneself, it's no doubt that one may come across a few weaknesses when he/she might become his/her own biggest critic. By engaging in the process of thinking about and assessing your own progress, you act on the evidence of their own learning and take responsibility for overcoming your weaknesses. 

The special printed edition of SSC Tier II Mock Test Booklets is to let you practice with the mocks that have the exact same pattern as that of SSC's. The mocks being provided are neither too difficult nor too easy, the difficulty level simulates to the level that is being followed for the past 5-6 years by SSC. This special printed edition Mock Test Booklet package is only available for a limited period of time. The package will be delivered to you within 13-15 days once your order is placed as well as confirmed. 

The Mock Test Booklet Package is available for just Rs. 399/-. No additional delivery charges will be applicable when the order is delivered to you. In this package, we are providing you all with 10 Mock Test booklets that are available both in English as well as the Hindi Language. 

  • 10 Mock-Test Booklets for SSC CGL Tier II 2017 Exam.
  • All the booklets contain questions both in Hindi and English Language (except for the section of English Language), so you can practice with ease in your preferred medium of language.
  • Detailed Solutions are also provided for every Mock in the Test Booklet.
  • Based on the Latest Pattern of SSC Tier II Exam.
  • No hassle of carrying a huge book or a bundle. Each Mock-Test Booklet is separate, so you can carry it anywhere and practice with ease.
  • Package is only available for a limited time period.

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